Hi! I am Rajat.

UI/UX Developer at Contify

Welcome to my portfolio. I am a Frontend developer based in New Delhi, who is also into UX/UI.

I design, photography, travel and all those things which inspire me.



A website for a non-profitable NGO. For the better reach among the community.

Sarah's Bakery

A website where client can showcase their bakery product and do marketing.

Quanon Blocks

The website is made for company which is related to Blockchain.

Quanon Tech

The website is made for a company which is related to AR/VR tech.

Essentia LLP

The website is made for a service based company called Essentia Softserv.

AFROST Open Source

The website is made under open source contribution and for an organisation.
A logo designed for Sarah's Bakery, a font based and a minimilistic design.
A logo for an international Python Annual confernce of India.
A minimilistic and clean logo for organisation. It is a text based.
A logo for open-source community which is more towards the Linux.


Language and Framework Knowledge

Software Knowledge